Annika Ramos

Data Analyst , Age UK

Annika is a highly dedicated and accomplished young professional who has significantly contributed to both corporate and non-profit sectors. In her role as a Data Analyst within a new Data team, she has shaped both business and technology strategy, and helped to improve and automate the organisation's data systems and processes, enabling the organisation to make better-informed decisions on the services they deliver, identify opportunities for improvements and have a greater impact on the community. She has utilised her experience, collaboration and networking skills to shape and optimise the teams processes, and has pushed the organisations limits to what was previously possible through technology and data. 

Annika has continuously demonstrated her passion and commitment to positive, social impact for charities and community service. She served as a Trustee for The Small Charities Coalition, which provided small, not-for-profit, organisations and charities with support and advice, and enabled due diligence and good governance during the closure of the charity, allowing the preservation of its rich legacy and transfer of its key assets, ensuring that small organisations have the same level of support as before. In her spare time, Annika volunteers for local community projects in East London. She leverages her skills and experience in technology, risk, and governance towards helping community organisations achieve their goals and make a real difference in the lives of those they serve.