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Diversity Travel



We are a multi-award-winning travel management company, providing a fully integrated service to clients in the charity, academic and not-for-profit sector. We have significant expertise in arranging travel to both familiar and more obscure areas of the globe, with access to exclusive highly flexible charity and academic air fares.

We are specialists in academic travel and are a preferred supplier on the National Travel Framework, alongside the YPO and CCS frameworks. We provide hundreds of academic institutions with cost-effective travel solutions, enabling them to undertake important projects, recruitment outreach and vital research.

We also have access to the largest number of academic air fares of any travel management company, offering a wide range of travel options with reduced rates and greater flexibility. In addition to this, our other services mean that academic institutions can book all of their travel in one place, from flights and hotels to taxis and group travel.


Find out more: diversitytravel.com

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