Lee Clark

Chief Everything Officer of digital fundraising platform, GivePenny


Lee Clark is a basketball-loving, computer game-playing, proud husband and dad of two - and Chief Everything Officer of digital fundraising platform GivePenny.
Lee's been a fundraiser in one way or another since childhood. Now he's bringing his entrepreneurial skillset and glass-half-full mindset to the third sector. He created GivePenny in 2016 - an innovative fundraising platform aimed at tech-savvy and philanthropy-inclined Generation Z. Bringing fresh innovation, winning prestigious awards and positively disrupting the world of charity fundraising has been par for the GivePenny course ever since. Lee believes business principles can be used for good - even the scary ones. And he's on a mission to fix the broken things in the world by helping as many charities as he can. He also once warmed up a DJ set for Fatboy Slim.

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