Jake Ferguson

Chief Executive, Hackney CVS


Jake Ferguson is Chief Executive of Hackney CVS, the umbrella organisation which supports Hackney’s large voluntary and community sector. Jake joined Hackney CVS in 2001. Since then he has helped the organisation grow from an annual turnover of £300k to over £3.5m in recent years. His background as a medical student led him to work in Mosside Manchester on Diabetes research, and he then moved to London to focus on environment and health impact assessment at University College London. He has worked with Drug Action Teams and public health departments in Central London.

As CEO of Hackney CVS, Jake has lead responsibility for the development and support to Hackney’s large and diverse voluntary and community sector, giving the sector a voice and supporting the sector to work together to secure contracts for public service delivery. He has experience of creating and leading grant programmes, commissioning public service projects led by the VCS, and influencing strategies at a local and national level, working across many different communities. He is currently a member of the Violence Reduction Unit Advisory Board at City Hall and also Chair of the London CVS Directors network. He has previously been a member of the COMPACT Voice Board and a former trustee of NAVCA.

Jake is a skilled negotiator and co-producer - ensuring that local people have a say in how services are designed for them and in some cases empowering them to actually deliver the solutions to the problems they face. For instance following the 2011 riots he led research into local peoples’ perceptions about the causes and solutions which resulted in a changed attitude in the police and Council to the engagement of young people and a greater focus on employment and welfare reform. Hackney CVS now delivers lots of approaches which bring young people, the police and Council together to discuss community safety issues and deliver coordinated programmes of activity such as the Talentmatch youth employment programme which secured jobs for 260+ young people using a youth work and youth leadership approach. He also co-founded the Young Black Men’s Strategic programme which aims to reduce disproportionally poor outcomes for young men of colour and set up Hackney Giving which raised over £300k for small community groups.

Hackney CVS delivers most of its programmes in partnership with the local VCS and have secured over £15m for local charities and community groups using this approach. They lead a range of successful consortia of local community and voluntary sector organisation to deliver projects which tackle issues such as: social isolation among older people, youth unemployment as well as reducing pressures on A&E and primary care through community based interventions for patients. Connect Hackney is an example of one of these programmes and has reached 1000s of isolated older people in the borough. Hackney CVS achieved the highest ever NAVCA Infrastructure Quality Award score and holds the Gold Investors in People award too.

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