Zoe Byrne

Princess Alice Hospice


Volunteers are vital to the future of our Hospice. In a very short space of time Zoe Byrne has transformed our approach to recruiting, training, developing and managing our 1,200 volunteers, whether that’s by redesigning the recruitment process so that it is responsive and streamlined, introducing “Excellence in volunteering” training - a programme that has attracted external funding - or working with managers to identify where volunteers can add value.

Zoe has supported the introduction of new roles such as Hospice Neighbour and Carer Companion – roles that are vital in supporting patients and their families at an immensely difficult and challenging time in their lives. She has established new corporate volunteering partnerships with several major companies such as BP, Lindt and DHL. In parallel she has focused on the quality of the volunteering experience so that we become “the volunteering organisation of choice” in our local community, recognising that as we seek to recruit more volunteers or develop new volunteering roles, existing volunteers are our best and most valuable advocates. In short, she’s an incredible asset and would be an extremely worthy winner.

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