The Mixed Ability Model

International Mixed Ability Sports


International Mixed Ability Sports (IMAS)
A community interest company promoting the development of inclusive educational projects, and the expansion of Mixed Ability sports in England and across Europe.
The Mixed Ability model encourages social inclusion by mixing able-bodied volunteers, coaches or tutors who act as facilitators or helpers to guide players on the pitch. The model differs from the Paralympic structure, as it starts from the assumption that anyone, at some point, can experience a form of disability.
Mixed Ability Sport is not about classifying levels of ability and separating disabled players into different tiers. We believe this focuses on what people cannot do, the emphasis in Mixed Ability sport is the inclusion of all players! Facilitation, support and involvement are encouraged by all, on and off the field.
In 2015 IMAS focused on the power of Rugby Union as a means for social change giving disabled individuals across Europe the opportunity to experience all aspects of a week-long International Tournament, thus immeasurably improving their life experience. Rugby’s National Governing Body the Rugby Football Union (RFU) believe through partnership working with IMAS, Mixed Ability Teams will be an integral part of many clubs across England within the next few years.

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