The First Feet Campaign

The Leprosy Mission (England & Wales)


‘Feet First’ was the most successful fundraising campaign in the 140-year history of The Leprosy Mission. Generous donors gave and leveraged over £2.3m to help sufferers in Mozambique during the summer of 2015.

The Leprosy Mission England & Wales is a Christian International Development charity. We work in 11 countries in Africa and Asia to help people affected by the disease of leprosy – those who have the disease, those who are left with disability, and families of sufferers as they may have been ostracised. There is often horrendous discrimination towards those with leprosy due to fear and misunderstanding.

We are part of a global network of Leprosy Mission’s and our colleagues in the countries we work in provide hospitals, clinics, disability aids and prosthetics, counselling, education, housing, access to clean water and vocational training.

Leprosy starts by damaging the small nerves on the skin’s surface resulting in a loss of feeling. Without the warning of pain, everyday activities are fraught with danger. Unnoticed cuts and grazes can lead to ulcers, infection and deformity. Ultimately, leprosy often results in permanent disability. Leprosy is curable and we undertake a significant amount of advocacy work to challenge outdated and discriminatory legislation and practices.

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