Shooting Star Chase

The Shooting Star Chase Communications Team as it looks today came together in late 2013 and since then has influenced a complete turnaround in fortunes in both external achievements and perception internally. This submission draws on examples from the last 12 months but also includes earlier context to highlight the scale of achievement.

In terms of results, the team has doubled its media coverage, won a prestigious national award for its rebrand, and launched an innovative tool later replicated from far bigger charities than ourselves.

Possibly the team’s greatest success, however, is the way it delivered these results in the face of significant internal opposition. Children’s hospices are extremely emotive, and our care staff are understandably protective of the families we support. Two years ago, some members of staff would openly say they could not understand the importance of Comms and why we’d ever want to tell a supported family’s story to the world. A lot has changed since then. Understanding has grown and the overall Care/Comms relationship is unrecognisable from the past.

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