Save the Children

At Save the Children, putting supporters at the heart of our planning and decision-making has created significant income and change for children. Together, we’re an amazing fundraising team.

In 2015/16 we launched a Supporter Promise, clearly outlining our guarantee to supporters; we invested in exciting propositions (Den Day, Save the Children Club, Text Santa); we rolled out a new campaign manager and contact management strategy to enable personalised journey planning for c90 supporter segments; and we developed a new supporter-centric telemarketing approach, with satisfaction scores of 4.7/5.

Combined with our innovative partnerships for creating impact (including Pearson, Sainsbury’s, Alwaleed Philanthropies, GSK), all this made for an extraordinary 2015. In the final year of our transformative Ambition 2015 strategy, the team smashed its four-year target of £500m, raising £520m, capped by a record breaking £148m in 2015 alone (vs.£108m in 2012). We’ve achieved scale (supporter base doubled) without compromising on quality (90% supporter satisfaction) and kept annual return-on-spend largely flat.

The proof of our team is in our organically successful Child Refugee Crisis Appeal (e.g. author Patrick Ness’s crowdfunding campaign (£676k), Sean Jones’ “billable hour” (£204k), Benedict Cumberbatch’s theatre giving (£100k)) – raising more in the first month than any previous appeal.

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