Safe As Houses

Winner Trading


Safe As Houses is an initiative that invites people to invest ethically in properties to provide safe housing for women and children who are in crisis, fleeing domestic violence.
The initiative is promoted to potential buy to let landlords who are looking for a good return on their investment as well as creating demonstrable social impact and benefit for women fleeing violence and abuse.
Winner Trading Ltd (Trading arm of Winner the Preston Road Women's Centre Ltd) provides a competitively priced property management service on behalf of the investor, including sourcing appropriate properties in popular letting areas, sourcing tenants, letting the properties and dealing with any repairs and maintenance issues. The investor gets a well managed investment which generates a healthy return. The family gets a safe place to live and to recover from the trauma of domestic violence and abuse. The social enterprise gets an increase in the number of properties available to the client group and an income which it can reinvest into its services and into the services of its parent charity, Winner the Preston Road Women's Centre Ltd. It's a win-win initiative which delivers benefits for all involved.

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