Refuge is the country's largest provider of specialist services for women and children escaping gender violence. One in four women will experience domestic violence in their lives and two women every week are killed by their partner or former partners. Refuge should win Charity of the Year because our services save and change lives - and because we work tirelessly to effect social change and build a society where women can live in safety. 

Through our national network of refuges, community outreach programmes, culturally specific and independent advocacy services we support 3,800 women and children on any given day - an increase of 500 from last year. 

Despite a climate of funding cuts, Refuge has continued to thrive this year - we have opened three new services and increased our advocacy posts three-fold, enabling us to reach even more women. 

Refuge also represents women at a national level. We are adept at ensuring their voices are listened to and heard, despite the tiny size of our Communications team. This year we have achieved wide-spread media coverage of our campaigns on financial abuse and the impact of violence on children as well as continuing to advocate for better provision for and treatment of survivors. 

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