The PRA celebrates its 10th anniversary this year. In a decade we’ve revolutionised communication with prisoners.

We’ve also had an exceptional year!

Prisoners are physically isolated from society – no internet access or mobile phones… even newspapers are in scarce supply. And around 50% of prisoners have the reading skills expected of 11-year-olds.

We developed and run National Prison Radio (NPR), the world’s first national radio station for prisoners. It provides practical advice and support, and inspirational content to prisoners, encouraging them to see prison as a place of positive change.

This has been our best year yet – in terms of funding and profile – but crucially in terms of impact.

We’ve grown our audience - 99% of prisoners know about NPR, 76% listen, with 37% tuning in every day.

We’ve reduced our reliance on grant funding by building our commercial offering, and won international awards for our BBC documentary productions in the process.

We’ve delivered a range of hugely successful partnership projects, including one that resulted in a senior royal joining prisoners for an on-air book club discussion programme!

NPR is now firmly established as the go-to place for organisations that need to communicate with prisoners in order to meet their objectives.

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