NHSBT 'Operation Donation'



There are currently around 10,000 people in the UK in need of an organ transplant. Three people a day across the UK die before they get the organ they need – that’s over 1,000 every year.

To increase awareness of and support for organ donation we developed an experiential campaign to stimulate conversation and debate within a niche demographic, to increase registrations and consent, and deliver a minimum of 600 registrations.

The solution was a time-based challenge utilising the popular HASBRO board game, Operation™. The hands-on engagement raised awareness of a serious subject without trivialising, using a fun and engaging experience as a platform to educate on key issues with powerful messages. Participants were asked: can you operate and save Cavity Sam in two minutes, the same time it takes to register for organ donation.

Targets were smashed and all audiences reached. Kreate facilitated an ongoing partnership with the global toy giant, HASBRO, paving the way for a roll out across the whole country. We achieved 861 registrations (44% above target) and delivered messages to 54,732 new people.

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