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December 2015: the MS Society receives news that the Government is proposing changes to the Personal Independence Payments (PIP) assessment. Through careful research, we find that 600,000 disabled people could lose out on payments, including 17,000 people with MS.

The stakes are high: if the changes go through, people with MS could lose up to £150 a week.

We act fast, and create a campaign that integrates public affairs, policy analysis, media, digital promotion and community engagement.

By leveraging cross party support, we secure parliamentary questions and mentions in debates, including the Shadow Chancellor’s speech following the Budget. We establish ourselves as a leading voice by relentlessly responding to political developments.

We put our community is at the heart of our campaign. With our support, people with MS make representations to the shadow frontbench and we motivate thousands of supporters to email their MPs.

March 2016: the Government confirm that the changes to PIP will be fully halted and they will start a ‘new conversation’ with disabled people.

Thanks to our campaign success, thousands of people with MS will receive the payments they need to manage the extra costs of their condition and maintain independence.

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