Locked in for Autism

Caudwell Children


As the number of children diagnosed with autism increases every year, Caudwell Children wanted to generate more public acceptance and understanding of the condition, whilst promoting our autism support programmes.
The Locked in for Autism campaign aims to communicate autism in the most powerful way, by use of a 3m square glass box as a powerful metaphor and a willing volunteer to live inside it for 50 hours.
So why a glass box? Many parents of children on the autism spectrum describe the condition as ‘like living inside a glass box’; the isolation, being stared at from all directions, the difficulties in communicating and a sense of feeling ‘trapped’.
It all happens in the foyer of a 24-hour Tesco Extra superstore, fully supported by Caudwell Children staff and volunteers. The highly creative, positive ‘stop and think’ approach immediately engages the public, allowing us to build effective relationships and showcase our support programmes.
Since May 2015, we have delivered Locked in for Autism in 20 Tesco stores across the UK, putting the campaign in front of 500,000 people, with over 10,000 face-to-face engagements, £60K in public donations, more than 250m social media impressions and extensive cross-media coverage worth over £3m.

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