Arthritis Care

The arrival of a new CEO at Arthritis Care three years ago marked a new beginning, with a Director of Fundraising arriving a year later. Fundraising was in a huge state of decline (£10m to £5m over a seven year period). Two years is not long to turn a ship around, but the team have managed to do just that.

Through dedication, hard work, innovation and embracing the challenge and changes that were required, the team are seeing the first signs of growth including successfully filling and hitting target (£60k) for London Marathon, recruiting participants in other events, delivering a pro-fundraising website (360% uplift in donations and 51 online event registrations), seeking larger gifts through our networks (3 x £10k), winning two significant grants – Big Lottery £384k and £369k from Alliance Scotland, marketing legacy-giving to our warm supporters, agreeing our approach to corporate fundraising, leading on an organisation-wide data ambition and securing Trustee support for investment in new donor recruitment to address the decline of our donor base.

This team are spending everyday rebuilding to deliver income for a cause that is misunderstood and underestimated with energy and enthusiasm. They are truly amazing. 

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