Amanda Batten

Contact A Family


The time Amanda Batten has been Contact a Family’s CEO has been a time of change for families with disabled children and, under her leadership, it’s been a time of transformational change for the charity.
Amanda’s belief that there’s nothing inevitable about the isolation and injustice experienced by many families with disabled children has driven everything she’s achieved. Her passion shines through, whoever she is communicating with – be they families, politicians, potential funders or staff.
Going beyond her original brief to focus on the external aspect of Contact a Family’s work Amanda has tackled the internal financial, cultural and strategic challenges the charity faced. Her positive staff engagement, brave decision-making and the 5 year strategy she’s implemented have significantly strengthened the charity. Staff now have a clearer understanding of how parts of the charity link together and work with other organisations. Her commitment to partnership working is demonstrated by the way she has brought colleagues across the sector together as The Disabled Children’s Partnership, to raise the political profile of disabled children and families and build a stronger voice.
Her leadership has helped the charity play a pivotal role in shaping a better future for UK families with disabled children. 

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