London's Air Ambulance

Over the last two years, London’s Air Ambulance has seen an unprecedented financial performance by its small fundraising team, which resulted in the acquisition of a second emergency medical helicopter for London – a vital and much anticipated extension of the service. In the financial year 2014-15, the fundraising team generated a year on year increase of 73% (by £955k) in aggregate consolidated income, and a further year on year increase of 80% (by £1.8 million) is currently expected in 2015-16.* This additional resource, which in January 2016 materialised in a second helicopter, will save lives in London and strengthen its resilience in case of major incidents, such as terrorist attacks. With 10 members of staff directly employed in income generating roles and shouldering the responsibility of covering the service’s annual operating cost of £5 million and leading a major campaign to secure a second helicopter, this has been a remarkable achievement.
The exceptional fundraising performance resulted in many records, e.g. projected increase of 178% in income from Trusts & Foundations generated by a team of two* and the most successful fundraising month in the charity’s history in March 2016 with a total income of £800,000 (this figure excludes Lottery income).

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